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May 2018

In May, Keith appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in a very fun, very hard-hitting sketch about meatballs (check it out here). He also shot a new commercial for Siggi's yogurt in which he played his dream role of overly considerate boyfriend. And check out the audio story he did with Jesse Eisenberg -- you can listen here. Finally, ask Keith about his trip to Panama (hint: it was very fun).

april 2018

This month, Keith did some narrative VO work with Jesse Eisenberg for a very fun project that should be released soon. He also performed his show Double Jeopardy twice more at UCB, had a bunch of other live shows, and booked a role in a production of Peter and the Starcatcher.

march 2018

Keith's sketch show Double Jeopardy began its official run this month! Keith also shot the lead in a new dramatic short and a new not-dramatic commercial, and celebrated his birthday. The cake was good.

February 2018

Keith's show Double Jeopardy was given a run by UCB after it debuted in the Hell's Kitchen space to a packed house -- stay tuned for upcoming dates! Keith also shot a toothpaste commercial and guested on an episode of the critically acclaimed Story Pirates podcast.

January 2018

In January, Keith shot two new commercials -- one for an energy company, and another for strollers. So, you know, he's got range. He also had a great time traveling to Miami on tour with the Story Pirates, although it was not as warm as he'd hoped it would be in Florida. 

December 2017 

What a lovely holiday month! Keith booked a new commercial for an energy company, performed in a whole bunch of comedy shows, entered development on a film series he's producing, and ate the heck out of both homemade latkes and Christmas ham to satisfy both sides of his family and both sides of his stomach.

November 2017 

Keith shot a new print campaign for BDO this month. In addition, Keith's holiday spot for Shutterfly started airing online, where it racked up nearly 2 million views -- you can check it out here or on the videos page. Finally, Keith ran a 5K Turkey Trot for charity through the National Mall in Washington, DC, on Thanksgiving, but regrettably did not dress up like a turkey to do so.


Keith had an amazing time shooting match.com's European campaign in Warsaw, Poland! It should be airing internationally around Christmastime. Speaking of the Yuletide, Keith also shot a holiday spot for Shutterfly in October that will be airing -- yup, you guessed it -- around Christmastime. In addition, Keith performed a bunch of live comedy shows at UCB and the Magnet Theaters and went to a really nice harvest party upstate.

September 2017 

In September, Keith booked an international campaign for match.com, and will travel to Poland in October for the shoot. He also did a bunch of traveling to weddings and ran a 5K at altitude outside of Boulder, Colorado. He ran it very slowly.

August 2017

This month, Keith shot a new commercial for MVP Health, which will be airing on TV in the next few months. He also starred in Oculus' new VR series Playback, which will be available on cool headsets sometime soon. In addition, Keith performed his sketch show Double Jeopardy at UCB Chelsea and was asked to mount it again this fall.

july 2017

Lots of live shows this month: performing numbers from a new musical at 54 Below with some very talented Broadway singers, performing original music at a concert in Brooklyn, and performing sketch comedy twice at the Magnet with his house team. Keith also shot a new video with Warped Speed that has nearly 150,000 views and managed to get out of town for July 4th, which he enjoyed even though the fireworks were rained out.

JUNE 2017

This month, Keith shot a supporting role in a feature film as well as two short films. He also completed Columbia's TV Writing program with a new pilot script and performed improv at UCB as part of the Del Close Marathon. And speaking of UCB, Keith's sketch show Double Jeopardy (which he co-wrote and performs in) was accepted by UCB for a show, which will happen in August.

May 2017

You can now catch Keith in the season three finale of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix, which went live on May 19! His Car Gurus commercial has also expanded into national TV markets this month. Plus, Keith did some work on a new webseries and began studying at Columbia's TV Writing program.

April 2017

Keith shot a sketch this month with Conde Nast's The Scene which has gotten over 1.5 million views -- you can check it out here. He also shot a role in season two of Dating My TV, as well as a short film, both coming out soon.

March 2017

This month, Keith traveled to Austin, Texas to shoot a commercial for Car Gurus, which is now airing on TV -- there are also several versions available online, including this fun one here. Keith was also accepted into Columbia's TV Writing Intensive program, and will be working and studying with some top screenwriting professors there this summer. 

February 2017

Keith shot an episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt! Be sure to look out for him in the season finale, dropping May 19. Also, Keith's Learnvest commercial has been released -- you can check it out on Youtube here!

january 2017

Keith's sketch with Couple Thing went viral with over 14 million views, and has been shared by none other than Lil Wayne -- see for yourself on Facebook here! This month, Keith also shot commercials for Chase and for Learnvest, and his series Department of...Ed had its premiere at Google as part of a panel including Hans Charles, cinematographer of 13th.

december 2016

Keith booked and shot some commercial work for news and media heavyweight Thomson Reuters, as well as a branded content spot for Couple Thing. He also performed a number of improv and sketch shows with his house teams at the Magnet Theater and, perhaps most importantly, saw Hamilton. It was pretty good!

November 2016

Exciting news -- Keith's short film "November 8th," which he co-created, produced, starred in, and edited, won second place in the Give 'Em Hill Films contest, judged by James Franco and Olivia Milch (screenwriter, Ocean's Eight) among other industry heavyweights. You can check it out here. Also, a treatment of a feature Keith co-wrote won Bronze in the World Series of Screenwriting. On the acting front, Keith shot a comedic video for The Gamer Agency, performed a new sketch show called Power Hour at UCB Chelsea, and booked a part in a new webseries called Uncle Oscar. Finally, a new music video parody of Justin Bieber's "Sorry" that Keith co-created and starred in made the rounds on the internet -- you can check that out here

October 2016

In October, Keith closed out his run of Taming of the Shrew with Pop-up Shakespeare, performing in scenic locations around and about NYC, including 30 Rock, Lincoln Center, and the American Museum of Natural History. He also performed a brand new sketch show with Kinfolk at the Magnet Theater, a number of improv shows with his Megawatt team The Heel, and co-created and starred in a short film for the Give 'Em Hill Films contest, featuring judges such as James Franco and Olivia Milch (screenwriter, Ocean's Eight). Then, Keith went on vacation to Europe with his family and boy, was it nice. 

september 2016

September was a big month for Keith! He signed with manager Josselyne Herman & Associates, and is looking forward to working together! Keith was also selected for a Megawatt team, the premiere house improv teams at the Magnet Theater, and will be performing with them every Wednesday night. He also performed his first sketch show with his Magnet Theater house team Kinfolk to a packed house, and took on Taming of the Shrew with Pop-up Shakespeare.

august 2016

Keith shot an episode of TruTV's Hack My Life this month, which will air towards the end of the year. He also starred in the world premiere of a new slasher comedy musical called South by South Death, shot additional episodes of The Department of...Ed, and performed a run of improv shows at the Magnet Theater. In other exciting news, Keith was placed on a new house sketch team at the Magnet Theater -- look out for their first show Monday, September 26th at 7:30pm!

july 2016

In July, Keith began a run of improv shows at the Magnet Theater (performing every Monday night at 9pm through the end of August). He also directed and produced a new solo show at the PIT called I Broke Up With Adele, and Other People Who Fucked Up. Plus, he booked a new slasher comedy musical called South By South Death, premiering at National Sawdust in August. All that combined with a trip to LA for a few meetings made for a busy month!

june 2016

A lot of live performances this month, from a festival tour in Boston and a show in Madison Square Park with the Story Pirates to an improv show at UCB East with the Del Close Marathon. High up on the list was starring as Romeo in Seven League Boots' pop-up Romeo & Juliet, performed in iconic NYC public spaces throughout the month!

may 2016

Keith's Cornetto ice cream commercial spot (available here) went a little viral and was featured on The Today Show and Fox News, among other outlets. Keith also closed Ship of Clowns, a new play presented by Primary Stages and the Fordham MFA program, and held a showing of The Nancy Wake Project, another new work, at the Barrow Group Theater. He also participated in a reading of a new screenplay that was awarded grants from Scriptapalooza and the Sundance Screenwriters Lab called Audnvin, held as part of Columbia's annual film festival. Also, he went away for Memorial Day, which was really very nice.   

April 2016

In April, Keith performed in the Story Pirates annual Benefit shows, featuring Billy Eichner. He also shot a short film called Strand and kicked into high gear on rehearsals for Ship of Clowns, a new play he'll open in May through Primary Stages and the Fordham MFA program.

March 2016

Keith shot a commercial spot for a Cornetto ice cream campaign this month! Plus, lots of live shows -- Keith performed in It Coulda Been Me, a sketch show at UCB Chelsea, where he also finished up a run of improv shows. He also re-mounted Double Jeopardy, a sketch show he co-wrote, directed, and performed in, at the PIT. In addition, Keith went on tour twice with the Story Pirates, to upstate New York and to Virginia, directing and performing in several shows along the way.

February 2016

Off has been released! Check out Keith's original series at www.offtheseries.com! Keith also did a run of improv shows at UCB Chelsea, a separate run of shows at the Magnet Theater, and went on tour to Boston with the Story Pirates.

January 2016

Keith produced, directed, and performed in a sold-out sketch show that he co-wrote called Double Jeopardy at the PIT. He also COMPLETED post-production for Off, an original series he co-wrote, co-produced, and co-starred in featuring Alice Ripley. Stay tuned for premiere details in February!

December 2015

This month, Keith had the pleasure of directing and performing in a show at 54 Below. He also shot a pilot project with ITV America and performed in Less Than Rent's annual holiday show at the Kraine Theater. Plus, he went to, like, a BUNCH of holiday parties.

November 2015

Keith spent a beautiful November week up in the Connecticut wilderness this month on a developmental retreat for The Nancy Wake Project through an artistic residency at the Dragon's Egg. The Nancy Wake Project is a very cool collaborative theater piece centered on a group of Allied spies working in the forests of occupied France in WWII. Keith also played several improv shows through the Magnet Theater and elsewhere, and had a wonderful Thanksgiving -- thanks for asking! 

October 2015

This month, Keith had the pleasure of assistant directing Tony-award winning producer Andy Sandberg on a reading of a new play that featured several Tony-winning actors, including Stephen Spinella and John Cullum. In the film world, Keith's webseries Seeking Sublet premiered at the Brooklyn WebFest, where it was nominated for several awards, including the Emerging Voices award. Keith also shot a tampon commercial (exciting!) and held a reading of a new sitcom pilot he created and co-wrote.


In September, Keith filmed a spot for Pricewaterhouse Coopers and began writing humor pieces for both Reductress and Above Average. Keith also traveled to Atlanta for a commercial gig and assisted the Story Pirates with casting new members.  


Elaine Stritch: Still Here - a show that Keith music directed, accompanied, and acted in - enjoyed a completely sold-out run at the New York Fringe Festival this month. Keith also filmed the pilot for Department of Ed, in which he stars as Lucas Edwards, an under-prepared but over-enthusiastic high-school teacher. In addition, Keith participated in a reading of a new musical, Harding Day's Night, playing the inimitable Calvin Coolidge.

July 2015

After a much-needed vacation, Keith returned to New York to continue post-production on Off, an original series he co-produced, co-wrote, and starred in. He also performed improv as part of PotterCon, a massive annual celebration of Harry Potter with over 4,000 attendees, and starred in a sketch show at the PIT called It Gets Worse.

June 2015

KRAV, an intimate immersive theater experience, enjoyed a sold-out run and rave reviews, which described it as "on the pulse of the future of theatrical experiences" and "a night you'll never forget...a must." In addition, Keith performed in Checkpoint Charlie: State of Affairs to a sold-out house at ArsNova as part of the theater's annual ANTFest. Keith also participated in a reading of a new sitcom called Normandy, workshopped a new devised theater piece called The Nancy Wake Project in conjunction with NYU's graduate dance program, and performed improv with the Punctual Drunks at UCB's Del Close Marathon.

May 2015

In May, Keith booked a pilot called Department of Ed. He also began rehearsals for KRAV (opening in June), as well as for Checkpoint Charlie: State of Affairs, a brand new piece premiering at ArsNova's ANTFEST in June. Look for more info on them soon!

April 2015

This month, Keith booked a new theater piece called KRAV (check out our Broadway World press release here, and check out the show in June!). He also traveled to Tallahassee to perform at the inaugural Word of South Festival alongside Tony Hale. In addition, Keith directed a show at Lincoln Center in conjunction with the Story Pirates and remounted Elaine Stritch: Still Here  at the PIT. Exciting news -- Elaine Stritch: Still Here was accepted to the 2015 New York Fringe Festival, and Keith will continue to music direct, accompany, and perform in the show in August (stay tuned for details!).

march 2015

In March, Keith went on tour to Texas, performing packed shows at Texas A&M with the Story Pirates. He also released a new original series that he co-wrote and starred in, providing the voice for Alastair in Strings Attached: A Puppet Soap Opera (all 6 episodes available here).


This month, Keith released his new sketch series "Boy Problems," which he directed, produced, and edited. He also co-wrote and co-starred in the episodes, all of which are now available on Youtube. February also marked the premiere of Elaine Stritch: I'm Still Here, a one-woman show that Keith music directed and accompanied, at the Strawberry One-Act Festival. Finally, Keith finished post-production on another original series he co-wrote and appeared in called Strings Attached: A Puppet Soap Opera -- look for it to air March 9th! 


New headshots are now available -- check them out on the photos page! Also this month: Keith starred in a sold-out run of a new play, Sullied Sallied Flesh, at the 4th St. Theatre. He also wrapped an episode of Mysteries At The Castle (Travel Channel) and went on tour to Atlantic City as an actor and director with the Story Pirates, performing six shows for over 1500 people.


Keith branched into video editing this month, releasing a digital short that he also starred in (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiWzqYgCElY), which was picked up by Mashable and Fast Company. Keith also performed in a holiday variety show with Less Than Rent theater company and got new headshots (coming soon)! 


In November, Keith met a ton of great people at One on One's Advanced Industry Workshop. He also produced and starred in a Hunger games-themed variety and improv show at the PIT, which opened to an enthusiastic audience on a Saturday night Mainstage debut. In addition, Keith received the news that Elaine Stritch: I'm Still Here was selected to open the Strawberry One Act Festival through Riant Theater in February.

October 2014

This month, Keith was thrilled to release his debut EP, This Might Take A While, available for listening and downloading here. In addition, Elaine Stritch: I'm Still Here opened at the PIT to a sold-out crowd and rave reviews! Keith also shot several video sketches with the Punctual Drunks (forthcoming), and continued to helm post-production for Off, the webseries he co-wrote, executive produced, and starred in, featuring Tony-award winner Alice Ripley (forthcoming). Plus -- Keith's brother got married! Keith was honored to be the best man at a beautiful ceremony on the beach at sunset, and he couldn't be happier for his brother and his new sister-in-law!

September 2014

Another busy month! Keith entered rehearsals for Elaine Stritch: I'm Still Here, a one-woman show that Keith music directed and accompanied, which will open at the PIT on October 2nd. Keith was also thrilled to be asked to become a director for the Story Pirates, and began training to do so this month. In addition, Keith appeared in a print ad for Bloomberg and traveled to Boston for the Boston Comedy Arts Festival, where his improv team the Punctual Drunks performed to a sold-out house.

August 2014

Moving to a monthly update! This month, Keith shot the first two episodes of the webseries Boy Friends (now available to watch here), as well as a commercial for the NYC bookstore Idlewild Books (forthcoming). In addition, he participated in a reading of the new screenplay The Comeback Kid and finished up a successful run of shows at the PIT with his improv team the Punctual Drunks. Keith also trained as a producer for the Story Pirates, a nationally renowned arts and education media company with which he performs as an actor and improviser, and still had time to head to Montreal for his brother's bachelor party!

(8/1/14) Production begins on Boy Friends

Today marked the start of production for a new webseries starring Keith -- look for it to premiere this fall!

(7/14/14) Punctual Drunks begin weekly run at PIT

Keith's improv team the Punctual Drunks began a limited engagement weekly run of shows at the PIT. Check them out on the Mainstage every Monday night at 8pm! 

(7/1/14) Trailer release for Batting Average

Check out the brand new trailer for the pilot of Batting Average, written by and starring Keith!


(6/21/14) Keith Does Shakespeare

Keith starred in a sold-out one-night-only performance of Shakespeare's Pericles, Prince of Tyre, playing the titular prince Pericles in a beautiful outdoor production performed at dusk on the summer solstice. 

(6/7/14) Production wraps on Batting Average

After a whirlwind few days, shooting on the pilot of Batting Average has been completed. Be on the lookout for a trailer coming soon!

(6/2/14) Entering production on Batting Average

Keith re-teamed with Tom Sanchez and Brennan Caldwell to write Batting Average, a new half-hour sitcom pilot about two friends (played by Keith and Tom) in rural Iowa who decide to coach a Little League team and prove to the town that looks down on them that they aren't the worthless deadbeats everyone thinks they are. Shooting begins today!

(5/18/14) Seeking Sublet on Funny or Die

Funny or Die is featuring Seeking Sublet, a hilarious webseries starring Keith as Bob, a psychopathic "potential serial killer"! Check out some teasers, trailers, and sizzle reels here: http://www.funnyordie.com/seeking_sublet

(4/25/14) Off wraps production

After an intense three weeks of shooting, Keith's webseries Off has wrapped. Now it's on to post!

(4/23/14) Punctual Drunks earn a monthly run!

Keith's improv team, The Punctual Drunks, has been given a recurring run at the People's Improv Theater. Catch them performing regularly on the Mainstage of the PIT!

(4/7/14) Off  begins production

Production begins today on the webseries co-written and executive produced by Keith, and will continue throughout April. Check us out here!

(3/24/14) Keith records an EP

After arranging and rehearsing his original songs with a full band, Keith heads into Saltlands Studio in Brooklyn to track his debut EP, This Might Take a While. Then it's off to be mixed and mastered--release scheduled for August 2014!

(3/9/14) Production wrapped on Limbo!

Farewell, New Hampshire! Production has officially wrapped on independent TV pilot Limbo. It will screen at a film festival on May 3rd, and then its directors (Ben Johnson and Josh Demeule) will shop it around to networks.

(2/16/14) Off  the ground!

Off: A New Internet Comedy has just met its fundraising goal! Thanks so much for your support. Stay tuned--production begins in April!

(1/26/14) Headed to New Hampshire!

Keith drives up to New Hampshire today to begin filming Limbo, an independent TV pilot. Keith stars as Isaac in this one-hour action drama.

(1/25/14) First public reading of Flamingo

Tonight, Flamingo held its first public reading at Culturefix and met with rave reviews from the audience! 

(1/17/14) Off: A New Internet Comedy coming soon!

After developing the script for nearly a year, Keith is proud to announce that the Kickstarter campaign for his new webseries Off is now live! An irreverent send-up of life as a twentysomething in New York, Off is a brand new web comedy that follows young actors as they navigate the eccentric off-off-off Broadway theater scene while trying to keep a straight face. Keith co-wrote the script with Tom Sanchez and Brennan Caldwell, and is executive producing the project as well as starring as Alex.

Consider donating here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/628130502/off-the-series

(12/22/13) Cast in reading of Flamingo

Keith is thrilled to begin rehearsals for this brand new play from playwright Alex Trow (Yale School of Drama '12) as part of True False Theater's residency program "Polygraph Tests." This collaborative process enables the writer and actors to "guide and inspire the script's evolution." The residency culminates in a series of public readings at the end of January.

(12/7/13) Shooting continues on Seeking Sublet

This weekend, Keith films additional episodes for the comedy webseries Seeking Sublet -- check out their website here

(11/8/13) Cast in Indie TV Pilot Limbo

Keith has landed a starring role in this one-hour action drama, set to shoot in rural New Hampshire in February.

(10/17/13) Opening Night of Ms. Bovary!

Keith is excited to start the world premiere run of this exciting new show at the Access Theater in TriBeCa. Based on Flaubert's classic novel Madame Bovary, this modern update thrusts Emma and Charles Bovary into 21-st century Washington, DC. Keith co-created the piece and stars as Charles Bovary. 

(10/12/13) RomDotCom Premiere Party

Tonight, the cast and crew of webseries RomDotCom gathered to celebrate and screen its premiere episode at the Delancey in NYC. Keith starred in the series as Lester and earned a favorable review from Backstage, which described his performance as "one of those great moments where the actor really made the character."

A still from Keith's 2017 episode of   Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt  , now on Netflix.

A still from Keith's 2017 episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, now on Netflix.

A still from the set of a commercial for DriveOn (September 2017)

A still from the set of a commercial for DriveOn (September 2017)

Keith appears as a highly sought-after banana in the Story Pirates story Potato the Potato at the annual Story Pirates Benefit in April 2016, which featured Billy Eichner.

A still from Keith's commercial for "Car Gurus," now airing nationwide -- check it out online here!

Keith and his co-writers, Tom Sanchez and Brennan Caldwell, at the February 2016 premiere of their original series Off. The whole 5-episode season is available at www.offtheseries.com.

The Nancy Wake Project team on a developmental retreat at the Dragon's Egg artists' residency (November 2015)

Behind the scenes on set in a grand hall of Warsaw's iconic Palace of Culture & Science for a match.com campaign. (October 2017)

Behind the scenes on set in a grand hall of Warsaw's iconic Palace of Culture & Science for a match.com campaign. (October 2017)

A production still from Keith's short film "November 8th," which won second place in a film contest judged by James Franco and Olivia Milch (screenwriter, Ocean's Eight). (October 2016)

Keith as Petruchio in pop-up Taming of the Shrew, performing outside Lincoln Center (October 2016)

Keith as Romeo in pop-up Romeo & Juliet, professing his love to Juliet at Central Park's Belvedere Castle (June 2016)

A still from Keith's webseries Off, featuring Tony-winner Alice Ripley. (December 2015)

Keith performing his sketch show Double Jeopardy to a sold-out house at the PIT (January 2016)

Keith behind the piano in Elaine Stritch: Still Here, the sold-out NY Fringe show that he music directed, accompanied, and performed in (August 2015)