Shooting Comedy Central series Alternatino (December 2018)
Had a great time on set with Arturo Castro and the other funny folks behind the new series Alternatino — can’t wait for this one to come out!

New commercial for NFL Shop (November 2018)
Click here to watch me carry a truly impressive amount of swag in this new national commercial.

Taking over full-time in Puffs (November 2018)
I’m very excited to step in full-time as Cedric beginning November 16th. Come see us at New World Stages!

Shooting At Home with Amy Sedaris (September 2018)
I was really fortunate to get to play a role in the upcoming second season of Amy Sedaris’ brilliant brainchild. It was a blast to be in that world — many thanks to the cast and crew!

Joining the cast of Puffs at New World Stages! (August 2018)
I'm thrilled to join the off-Broadway theater world by becoming a swing for this amazing show about the other people who went to school with a certain boy wizard, which recently celebrated its 500th performance!

I Digress shoot (August 2018)
Got to play a well-meaning but just supremely boring dude in Krysta Nylen's pilot about a woman navigating the dating world in an era of social media perfection. 

Double Jeopardy at UCB Hell's Kitchen (Summer 2018)
The sketch show I co-wrote and performed in finished up its six-month run at UCB in August with a streak of packed houses and great reception.

Georgica Shoot (June 2018)
Very excited to work for a few days on this short film -- created by some of the writers and producers of The Americans -- playing a tan, tatted-up lifeguard (so, basically, myself).

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert  (May 2018)
I starred in a very fun, very hard-hitting sketch about Swedish meatballs and where they really come from (check it out here). 

Siggi's Yogurt Commercial (May 2018)
I played my dream role of overly considerate boyfriend in a new commercial for delicious yogurt -- watch it here.

Podcast with Jesse Eisenberg (April 2018)
I was lucky enough to be a part of Jesse Eisenberg's audio story for The Truth podcast about how he doomed the 1993 Phoenix Suns -- listen here.

Live Shows

PUFFS At New World Stages

I’m currently playing the famously handsome boy wizard Cedric off-Broadway in Puffs, eight shows a week at New World Stages.

Come see us anytime!

Tix and info: